Levels: Beg, Int & Adv

Full Season
$750 (10 weeks)
2 payment plan option available
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Top Flight’s sand program was started in 2010. It is currently one of the largest and most competitive of its kind in Illinois. We have expanded our sand training options to include South Carolina and Georgia.

We train girls and boys ages 10U thru 18U. Training sessions are done in larger group sessions twice a week. Partner specific training is built-in to the group training sessions.

Practice schedules for Top Flight club players can be found below including locations, dates, times and frequency.

Payment Options:
Top Flight offers an option to pay the balance in full or across multiple payments. We also offer custom payment plan options upon request. Half season options offer a standard two payment option while the Full season option offers a five payment option.

Practice Schedules

Primary Location
James Island County Park
871 Riverland Dr
Charleston SC 29412
Map & Directions

Secondary Location
John’s Island Park
1770 Bozo Ln
Johns Island SC 29455
Map & Directions


Girls & Boys 12U-18U (Full Season)
Dates: TBD
Days: Mon & Wed
Times: TBD

Tournament Dates

General Information:
Below is a list of events our players could be attending. Attendance at the event is dependant on whether the event runs and/or the availability of the players. Some of the tournaments listed below will be included in the full season program. In each of the shorter sessions (one or two) you can choose a to attend any of the events at an additional fee. Attendance for some of the events could be limited to the space available in each age division.

Full Season Events:

Programs and Pricing

We offer three main programs. Each program is suited specifically with the athlete in mind. We have put a lot of thought in how to train every athlete at every age and every skill level. Every team will have a qualified adult coach throughout the season.

Payment plan options are offered for each program. Custom plans available upon request.

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